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We provide resources and support to equip churches and pastors to carry out the Great Commission.

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    On Chickens and Churches

    One of my favorite topics is chickens. Lately I have been thinking about eggs and connecting my thoughts on eggs to the parable of the wheat and thorns. Sometimes eggs don’t hatch, and sometimes the garden is overtaken by weeds. One of the novice questions I receive from would-be chicken keepers is: “Do I have […]


    How A Ladies Tea Can Help Us Learn To Be A Church Family All Over Again

    Just a few weekends ago the church I serve hosted a Ladies Tea. To my knowledge we have never had one before. Honestly, I had never been to one before. We did not have an agenda. We had time to fellowship. It was mostly an excuse to gather together. Over the past two years we […]


    Reopening a Church: Dorchester Community Church, NH

    Church buildings in New England are closing. About 10 years ago, one study of New England churches predicted over 1,000 church buildings would be closed within a decade. Of course, this prediction was made long before anyone thought of COVID. Under Vermont and New Hampshire statutes, when a church votes to dissolve or abandons its […]

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Biblical Training

School of Ministry

LifeTree offers a flexible framework that is accessible to people for whom attending a regular theological seminary isn’t feasible.

  • Study with top teachers in bible and theology
  • Flexible plan for mid-career learners
  • Receive spiritual mentoring
  • Form a personal ministry support network

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