Does This Sound Like You?

  • Have you been asked to serve in leadership in your church?
  • Do people sometimes ask you if you have considered going into ministry?
  • Do you love talking to other people about Jesus, praying with them, or sharing the scriptures?

If so, God may be calling you to pastoral ministry or some other church leadership role.

There are many ways to serve God that are open to just about anyone. Some kinds of service, however, are more demanding and require a higher level or preparation, spiritual guidance, biblical and theological education, and the development of leadership skills.

Core Curriculum

Year 1

  • Old Testament Survey *
  • New Testament Survey *
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Spiritual Formation *

Year 2

  • Church History
  • Theology 1
  • Theology 2
  • Evangelism & Discipleship *

Year 3

  • Communication & Preaching
  • Leadership *
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Church Revitalization *

* Indicates Certificate in Christian Leadership
Those seeking ordination will be required to take the region’s polity course, the boundaries course offered by TABCOM, and meet with the DPM. The boundaries course and the polity course are not required for those who want to graduate from Life Tree but not seek ordination.

LifeTree Is Here To Help You

We work with you and your church to help you understand God’s call. You can establish a solid foundation for the lifetime work of learning that is essential to Christian ministry, and the skills you will need to effectively lead and shepherd God’s people.

LifeTree offers a flexible framework that is accessible to people for whom attending a regular theological seminary isn’t feasible.

If that’s you, consider joining LifeTree.

God calls whoever he wants, whenever he chooses. Far from disqualifying you, your past may be just the thing God wants to make use of, for his kingdom.