On Chickens and Churches

One of my favorite topics is chickens. Lately I have been thinking about eggs and connecting my thoughts on eggs to the parable of the wheat and thorns. Sometimes eggs don’t hatch, and sometimes the garden is overtaken by weeds. One of the novice questions I receive from would-be chicken keepers is: “Do I have […]

Reopening a Church: Dorchester Community Church, NH

Church buildings in New England are closing. About 10 years ago, one study of New England churches predicted over 1,000 church buildings would be closed within a decade. Of course, this prediction was made long before anyone thought of COVID. Under Vermont and New Hampshire statutes, when a church votes to dissolve or abandons its […]

Easter Event at United Church of Warner, NH

United Church of Warner hosted an Easter event last month. They referred to the event as “Easter Jam – Trunk-or-Treat with an Easter Twist.” They had various stations with candy and small toys (many contained within plastic Easter eggs), a craft table where kids could make a set of bunny ears, free raffles and the […]

Why Stay?

Recently I had the opportunity to sit with 13 American Baptist Executive Ministers and hearsomething positive. The presenter, via our zoom meeting, was Bill Shiell, the president of Northern Seminary. In the age of the “great resignation” the topic was simply, “Why pastors are staying in ministry.” Yes, pastors have been worn down by adapting, […]

Resurrection Thoughts

Ten years past when I left the First Baptist Church of Lebanon, one of things I grieved was the not being able to preach on Easter Sunday. God did have surprises for me though. For I have been able to preach on Easter at New Alpha Missionary in Burlington, and Grace River Church in Claremont. […]

On Leading and Being Led

In the Edwards’ household we have a tradition of setting up the family Christmas tree, and pronouncing it the “best Christmas we ever had.” Sometimes that is the truth, and other times it is only tradition. Offering this observation year after year I believe is more of a statement, that our family, our present state, […]