Silver Bean Fund

The Silver Bean Fund is to help pastors with the financial costs associated with professional growth and continuing education experience, including:

  • Annual Professional Book/Journal Allowance (max. $200)
  • Continuing Ed Grant (max. $350 or $500 for two years)
  • 2-year Seminary Grant (max. $500/year for two years)
  • ABC Biennial or Conference Grant (max. $400)

To request assistance, please fill out the application form.

Northern Baptist Education Society

Northern Baptist Education Society is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire/Vermont and provides financial and other support to individuals preparing for professional Christian service in the American Baptist Churches in Northern New England.

Ministers Council

‚ÄčThe Ministers Council of Vermont and New Hampshire is an autonomous, professional, multicultural organization of ordained, commissioned and lay Christian leaders within the American Baptist Churches. They are women and men who advocate for and covenant with each other to deepen our spiritual journey and to increase their effectiveness, as persons who are accepting the call of God and church for the advancement of the Gospel mission of the church of Jesus Christ and to proclaim His truth in a prophetic voice as led by the Holy Spirit.

For more information, please contact:
Rev. Rubin Jennings at


MMBB (Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board) is a financial services ministry. They provide flexible, affordable benefit plans, certified financial planning advice and financial guidance for churches and pastors.

The Center For Career Development and Ministry

CCDM is a not-for-profit, ecumenical, church-related agency working with individuals in any occupation who are facing career decisions. Their specialty is working with clergy and religious lay leaders who are at various stages of their ministry or careers. Their counselors have pastored churches or are active lay leaders in their parishes and know the unique realities and challenges of parish life. Clients from professional and non-professional backgrounds that range in age from pre-college to retirement have found their services helpful.